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"Happy metal mix"

I was curious a few days ago and decided to see if there were any such playlists.

Spotify kinda didn't really disappoint since that list had Alestorm, Finntroll, Hammerfall and Battle Beast on it to name a few.


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It's not exclusively about the wealth of the country, nor how much individuals make per capita, but also, importantly;

  1. The government; Does the government give off the vibe of containing competent people, competent leaders who have your best interests at heart without requiring backwards/roundabout thinking? Is there unrest within the government, or within the political class, where the wealthy are trying their best to elect a leader who leans more with the interests of the wealthy as opposed to the common people?
  2. Security, and this ties in with the government; People like feeling safe. Safety is projected by competent, safe leaders who obviously have the best interests of the general public at heart, as opposed to the best interests of the wealthy few.
  3. Future safety, future compatibility; Does the government in your country appear to be actively preparing itself and you, the citizens, for a future transition with as little trouble as possible, or alternatively, are opposing leaders fighting to obviously risk the public's safety in favour of their own financial gains?

These may all appear to be the same thing, written differently, but they all tie in with general safety and security, access to affordable healthcare, preventative measures taken to try and ensure the survival of the species, the prioritization for the well-being of the general public as opposed to only catering to the well-being of the wealthy.

The world currently is only profit-driven because our leaders so far, have been greedy bastards.

Don't get me wrong. Making a return on your investment isn't inherently bad, but starting a business solely out of the possible profits, during which your company completely demolishes the competition is not a fair way of going about things, not in any way, shape or form.

Countries governments may have been founded to cater to the rich, initially, as they were the ones with voting power, but things have changed. We have evolved. Our societies have evolved. We need governments to put in place limitations on corporations and the rich. Sure. Let them profit. But limit them from profiting excessively. If they want to expand, put it to vote by a committee of general well-being, taking into accounts such as general public happiness, market competitiveness et cetera.

At the end I want to say, one of the many, many causes for depression, leading to suicidal ideation, has to do with whether the able bodied, and not-so able bodied appear to be able to find themselves a place in society because in the end, we're all social creatures by nature. Nothing can change that. Even the biggest recluses were known to talk to animals as opposed to people.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.