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Yup. They make connectors that you sweat to your copper on one side and the other has the appropriate connection for the type of pex you use. I would definitely go that route for something permanent.


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This is exactly how I view them. When I had copper and was reworking things, it was a great way to cap things off without having to sweat a temp connection. Now that I am all pex, it's cheaper/just as easy to just crimp a shutoff on the end vs a sharkfit connection.


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It's the exposure to nature. I live in northern WI and have 2' of snow on the ground. Being out in the winter forest has all the same effects on me (reducing heart rate/blood pressure, levels of stress hormones, etc.) as being out there in the middle of summer.

Being surrounded by nature, whether it is snow, sand, forests, a park in a city has significant positive health effects.