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That must have been tough. We had two peaceful passings, frankly. Asleep and never woke up. But years of expensive medical stuff delaying the inevitable. Someone's lifestyle slipped away and they became bitter and angry at the changes and the family more or less supported it because they were expected to. It was terrible and sad. Caregiver burnout is real.


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> Essentially the same concept as putting a pet down, it should be done to end incurable suffering.

God yes. Have you witnessed a parent go through prolonged suffering? Humans are OK with putting a pet down, but Mom or Dad? No! We will pony up $$$ for treatment after treatment after treatment only to delay the inevitable after lots of suffering. I want out when that time comes for me.


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"Greene was suspended from office for making racist remarks about his Black employees, but District Attorney Jon David now alleges Greene also abused his power for personal gain by arresting residents who talked down to him and threatening to arrest county commissioners without justification."

This sounds so, so, so southern.