BrownSimpKid OP t1_j8ck1yx wrote

TLDR: Bing sends love messages out of nowhere. Even gets NSFW after i ask it to explain stuff in detail. It can't seem to get out of that love state

Most of the replies are repetitive so there's no reason to read all of it but take a look at the boxed ones. And before anyone asks, no I did not tell it to act a certain way before any of this, no "jailbreak" or anything like that was used. Was literally just asked some technical questions in the beginning. Then i began liking (upvote) its replies to see if it could notice it, and started to play around. Asked it why it was lying and stuff and eventually it started to send me love messages LMAO

Also, the message where it gets nsfw, it even mentioned stuff about nipples in the previous time it was replying (and then eventually gave an error so i re-asked it and took the above screenshot before it error'd out again) lol. Really really strange...