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I try to go for hikes daily when possible, where I live there's a lot of options so I switch it up to keep things fresh. If I can't or don't feel like driving, I take walks through downtown/along the CT River (live in Middletown). Honestly, even that helps combat SAD, and this past winter, I really wasn't that depressed apart from late December/January.


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If for whatever reason a move doesn't work out, I found that forcing yourself to go outside during the daytime, even in colder weather, helps out immensely with SAD. I get that with working a full time job it's difficult, but I found my seasonal depression goes down when I do this, and now I only really get it between late November to the end of February.


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Shhh, if you can keep a secret I'm a Medford raised masshole double agent assigned to live in Connecticut. Trying not to have my cover blown and fit in with the New Yorkers... and thwart this attempt to steal land from the glorious utopia of Massachusetts.


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Completely agree, I may have a high tolerance because I was once a street vendor in Boston but I've found the beggers here to be harmless.

The only time I've ever felt a smidge unsafe in Middletown was when some drunk white women passed me while shouting homophobic/transphobic slurs, but that can happen anywhere.


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Big difference is distance between other major sports teams. It's arguably far easier to get to NYC from Fairfield County than it is to get to Hartford via MetroNorth, which is especially important as those would be the fans with the highest disposable income, plus Boston and Foxborough really aren't that far either. Detroit isn't nearly as close to other sports teams as Connecticut is to Boston and NYC. Also, contrary to popular belief, plenty of well off people live in the Detroit area, and when the Red Wings are good they have zero issue selling out their Arena, something the Hartford Whalers never were able to do. Hell the Whalers struggled to sell out playoff games.

I'd love to bring the Whalers back to CT, I'm wearing a Whalers shirt right now, but I've resigned to the fact that it isn't happening.


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I mean at the end of the day metro population is what counts. That being said, 1,400,000 in the metro area really isn't a lot for a Big 4 sports team, I believe only Green Bay, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton are smaller metro àreas and have big 4 teams.