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I have 1.2 Gbps and static IP address for 60$ a month. It's been great. Verizon would only give me a static for business class gig which was over $200 a month, so I switched. Granted my upload speed is pretty slow but that doesn't matter much for my use.


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I learned in my mid 20s when I decided to buy a Subaru STI, only knowing how it works and never having driven a manual. Had a buddy test drive it with me and just figured it out in the parking lot. Was living in Somerville at the time so the learning curve was fast. Very sink or swim. Almost every car including my new one has been a 6 speed and I'll never go back.


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I was flying every other week starting at the beginning of the pandemic. I could leave Burlington about 40 minutes before my flight took off if I didn't have to check a bag. 20 minute drive, only person in the precheck line, and would walk to the gate as boarding started. Then I would almost always have a full row to myself.