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This is my vote. A giant, live-action arcade game where you compete against friends by hitting balls.

I know cost is a factor, so I would go earlier in the day as pricing adjusts throughout the day. One bay holds 6 players so if there are more than 6 you would need an additional bay. Also, the hourly price is for the bay, not per player.


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T-Mobile had an outage recently that messed up some Mint users. Have you turned your phone off for five minutes and then cut it back on? That solved all of her issues.


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It's vintage trash reality television taking me right back to 2003-2004 FOX. We were looking for something super trashy to watch and this fits the bill. It's gotta be the cringiest thing put on television in a long time.


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Oh, interesting. I found the BBC version first, and enjoyed it, but then started watching the CBS version and I think I like it even more. Both are pretty funny though.


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> So I can buy from a dealer

Not legally, no. The grey-market situation that exists in DC was specifically written out here in Virginia -- You can't buy stickers and receive gifts of bud. HOWEVER, that does not stop these types of delivery services from existing. I use one of these services and they've always been on point, but I imagine for every 1 good service there are 4 bad ones. Buyer beware.


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> that one was kind of weird anyway, it didnt have nearly enough flat-bottom so it was kinda awkward to ride. by the time youre coming down from one side you were going straight back up the other with no time to think in the middle.

It's been so long that I had forgotten about how awkward it was. When I was in high school I went down the ramp in a wheelchair. It was ill-advised and all I can say in my defense is Jackass was wildly popular at the time.


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I haven't been in a LONG time, so I can't confirm if it's still there, but the skate park at Pole Green Park in Mechanicsville used to have a decent half pipe.

Edit: Scratch that. Just saw a recent image and it looks like they took the half pipe out.


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Yeah, I hear you. Insurance of any sort is a racket. They're hoping everyone is too lazy to take 20 minutes to get a quote and switch over -- it doesn't matter how safe/good/reliable a driver you are, the rates always go up. Geico jacked up the rates on my SO as well -- she's got a Prius and a short school bus. Went from $110/mo to $197/mo. She is currently shopping around for better rates.