BuckNutley t1_jdv82xs wrote

The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester

Any copy I've seen looks like a romance novel, featuring two characters staring into each other's eyes.

In reality it's a Science Fiction book about human evolution and the government trying to weaponize it.

EDIT: My memory was a bit off. They aren't staring into each other's eyes...the man is behind the woman in a spooning kind of pose, and they both have their eyes closed as if they're about to start making out. It was worse than I remembered.

The book is like a far out, sci-fi action movie with depth and meaning and is great.


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It is a bit much. I know a Karen and she's a great person but her life has changed over the past few years. Her name has become a real bane to her, and it's weird to me that is her new reality.

To me, "Karen" has just become a PC way of calling a woman a bitch...people say "look at this Karen" and things like that. It's so obviously just a substitute word that has become socially acceptable, because people love running jokes into the ground.