BuckyDuster t1_jeawbnu wrote

Ok, why then did you threaten my life because I hold a different opinion than you? Not very politically correct of you. Lucky for you, I don’t give a damn so I am not offended of worried.

You are not my enemy either, I’m just railing about words in many different contexts being banned because they were once used in a specific context that oppressed people.

Do you also want to ban books and control other aspects of how people think?


BuckyDuster t1_j6cl175 wrote

Oh really? Please explain how I am wrong then. Every time anything is sent into space there is a risk of something going wrong and causing explosive loss of mission equipment and personnel. Even when everything goes right there is often debris left in orbit.

It is getting very crowded up there. Just wait until some other country like China or Russia decides to shoot at the mining transfer equipment that will inevitably be placed in orbit out of jealousy over the value of the mining yield.

Go ahead and laugh but my points are true and correct. China and Russia have already tested their military ability to shoot and blow up satellites they don’t like. It wouldn’t take a lot of such actions to make a runaway cascade of collisions as described by the Kessler Syndrome a horrible reality.

If that happens, it puts at risk all communications satellites and GPS satellites as well. Yes, I know they are in different orbits but the offshoot debris from explosive collisions have uncontrolled trajectory and could very realistically involve everything up there.

Enjoy it while you have it, this plan is just as laden with hubris as the voyage of the Titanic.