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Yea, the first regular episode. Preceded by a pilot, Ransom for a Dead Man, and a few years earlier we had Columbo in Prescription: Murder(which saw a slightly different characterization of Columbo and features a rare instance of the character getting fired up and yelling at a suspect!).


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Love one of the opening shots to his episode of Columbo where you're looking at what appears to be an aerial shot of Los Angeles before the camera begins to pull back, and back, and back revealing itself to be in the office of a writer as he types away on his typewriter. Always stuck with me!


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I don't know if I'd say that he new his dog came back evil, but more aggressive. If I remember correctly, after the incident with his mom, she made him keep the dog outside, but he went on to "live" another several years before dying of "natural" causes a second time. So from Jud's perspective, the dog came back different, but not definitively evil.

Also, I think his hope is that by burying Church asap, the differences in the cat could be mitigated.

I don't think Jud himself is evil, he's well intentioned.


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An apt analogy! I guess I'm of the perspective of not spending my time worrying about things I can't help or change. I'm not a tech developer, I won't be creating an app to take on Meta minus all the darker shit they do. The majority of the tech world uses their products, which means I'm going to end up having to use them in certain scenarios, too.


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With the battery on the back of the strap, the Pro at least seems like it'll be more comfortable despite being a bit heavier. All that weight on the face with Quest 1/2 can get uncomfortable without a counterweight after a while.


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Sure, and just like all of their other experimental features, the change will be advertised and you'll likely be givin an option to opt out like many of the other features on their devices.

The thing is, the people making a big stink about all of this are people that weren't going to buy the devices in the first place. They're just complaining to complain.


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I'm not sucking on anything, just stating facts. People are up in arms about the cost of a device that isn't meant for the average consumer. There's plenty of legitimate shit to be mad at Zuck about, but the cost of an enterprise gizmo ain't it.


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And people have known about it for just about as long. Yet there are still plenty of people using their products.

I guess nobody on here still has a FB acount, Instagram account, Whatsapp account, Giphy. /s