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How do you expect anyone to proof this when NASA and the like are still at the stage where they think it likely has more water than the earth's surface. There are strong indications for it, but a random redditor doesn't have a space telescope lying around to verify the Hubble's findings, do they?


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I'm not sure what strawman you are fighting here. I'm not advocating for communism, as I don't see it working at all.

I'm just saying capitalism has a lot of issues, and you're seriously delusional if you don't see any.

But I'm not advocating for any alternative here, as I don't know a better system. Doesn't mean I can't have criticism or suggest it can be improved.


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I agree, corporates should lose a lot of power and influence, and I don't know a proper alternative for capitalism. I don't see communism working. But I also don't see a capitalist system that won't lead to corporations.

But proper taxation of corporations and stronger anti trust legislation might be a good start.


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Up to a point. Countries that counteract the worst tendancies of capitalism with limits, taxation and social policies tend to have a higher standard of living than those that are more laissez-faire.

And just because we haven't found a working system that's better than capitalism doesn't mean there isn't a lot of issues with it. But the attempts at communism and the like broke down when humans were introduced, so far.

Capitalism raises a lot of wealth, but tends to concentrate it for a very very small group.


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Maybe not need, but they make sense in capitalism.

If the system is set up to maximise profits, accumulate capital, market competition etc. pretty soon someone will come up with a corporation or something very similar as the most effective way to squeeze every penny out of the market.