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Or just rich people in general.

Money makes it easy to live with lifes many obligations - rent, loans, mortgages, food, material needs etc etc.

But it doesn't make you happy, not on its own. Money doesn't buy you love (platonic, familial or romantic), perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of mental well being. A lot of people fail to understand that, probably a lot of people who also take the important things like family for granted.

Owning three Ferraris is probably quite cool but if they're just collecting dust in a garage while you sit alone in a dark apartment, how happy are you really?


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Am I misunderstanding you here, the EU doesnt ban roaming among its member states. In fact it has quite strict regulations on roaming within the EU, currently valid until 2032, that severely limits roaming charges.

The cell operator Im a customer of has no extra roaming charges at all up until a very high monthly cap (higher than I reach in 6 months easily) and as far as Im aware, this is pretty much standard. Ive been to Germany, Poland, Romania and Portugal quite recently and incurred no extra charges for any of these trips.