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I got the oval pleather pads from Brainwavz for the 371 and honestly they sounded pretty poor. I mean, the headphones still sounded *fine* but it coloured the sound far too much, and I need them for mixing purposes. I think Dekoni's 371 pads are specifically engineered to sound as close to 371 stock pads as possible so hopefully I can get those before my current stock pads wear out


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ThanksFor some reason I've thought for a long time that I prefer warm signatures, but only more recently I think I've come to realise that I do just prefer something following the Harman Target which I suppose has a 'tinge' of warmth and I feel that's probably best for me. I've found that very warm and bassy headphones are very fatiguing in their own way, as the bass becomes quite sickly and I just can't bear to listen anymore. Would you say the R70x's warmth is more like a tinge of warmth or a is it a decently warm headphone? As you said though it is easily EQ'able and I could probably give it some slight tweaks if it was too much


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I’m still looking for ‘that’ headphone that makes me feel like I’ve got all I need. I have a favourite headphone which is the AKG K371 due to its versatility and tonal balance, but it is still a ‘budget’ headphone and I sort of feel ‘bad’ that I haven’t found anything in the more expensive range that’s really worked for me.

How is the R70x in your opinion? I’ve been looking at those