BusLandBoat t1_iv5nm6j wrote

The Caribou is the most burly booth they seem to offer, it looks like a good boot but I'd definitely recommend trying first, my Sorel boots are like moon boots haha. I only use them occasionally as they move around quite a bit on my feet unless I wear extra socks, which is part of the design but it's serious overkill lol


BusLandBoat t1_isywqb0 wrote

I have a backpack style and only for the actual backpack portion is pretty lackluster it'd be amazing in a house with lots of stairs. It was clearly designed for someone without a weak back and with some degree of thick clothing. If it had a better-designed strap system with more padding it would be really good and if it was cordless it would be the best thing ever lol. Also, in traditional shop-vac style it also has an exhaust port you can hook up to for blowing.