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tell me where i said its not safe. i told her not to go out after dark, as is the same exact advice all me and my neighbors follow. i also told her how nice it is. are you sure youre responding to the right person????


also- why do i have to "prove it". you're being insufferable. get off my comment im just trying to help he rout and youre being a dick.


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Clark and it’s surrounding areas are safe for people not involved in
street/gang activity, and that’s just the facts .

by your argument the area os completely safe from gang activity if you arent in a gang. so she must be all set then.

you are literally arguing against me, and then using my exact argument to try to prove your self right? this is bizarre.


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are you... are you serious with this right now? im having a hard time articulating a response to this bc it is so off the wall i almost think you're trolling me.

I guess because i personally dont know anyone or because i cant link the "news story" then an area is totally safe? is this what you're implying? i meannnnn


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Yes, gangs are notorious for being non-violent and non-confrontational to unfamiliar people in their territory. /s

And even so, the chance of being a bystander or just having literally anything else happen to a young girl at night in the worst area of a big new city is enough to show concern.

Thats a very naive piece of advice to give...


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Depending on the time of day. You definitely dont want to find yourself out there after dark. Theres still a lot of gang activity, and a lot of the Kelley Square drug use is being pushed back towards main south, especially after Polar Park and the lights going up in the green street tunnel. But on the flip side, its a beautiful neighborhood with amazing and kind people and delicious restaurants and great family-owned markets. Its also the best dunkins in worcester, imo.

eta- sorry about the walking at night comment. But it is true, as long as you stay smart and alert, which it sounds you like you are, you should be ok. I work at one of the neighborhood schools and i was really intimidated at first, but now i feel like im part of the community. I take the advice of my students and they all say the same thing- they leave the basketball court when it starts to get dark and go straight home.


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I don't have a direct answer to your question, but when we bought my daughter's mattress we had the same issue. I ended up buying a mid grade one at Bob's for pretty cheap and then invested in a really nice mattress topper from amazon that had about 4" of purple foam padding. She now has the most comfortable bed in the house, even compared to the nicer mattresses.


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Ty. To be honest, everybody I speak to has a similar issue. Why would I complain directly to them, so I can dox myself and they can make my life hell? Like, they've already proven they dgaf. So frustrating that acouple people are jumping all over me about my post when all I'm asking is to just not put the extra effort to yeet my bins across my yard...


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Nobody's making any threats and I don't know anyone. What I'm wondering is if I had a job like that out in the public and I didn't know who lived where, I might be a little bit more careful with how I conduct myself. I'm not sure how you're reading hysterical, project much? It's funny you're telling me to go complain in person to not be a Karen?

Til it's "delusional" to expect services that you pay for. I also learned that using one middle finger emoji is "throwing around middle fingers". That wondering something is making a "veiled threat." And finally- An anonymous vent on a social media platform is being considered a Karen.

That middle finger was directed at you. Tell your husband to do a better job.


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Since you have an opinion, What's your solution? I thought posting about it would be the less invasive route. Looking for some commiseration and maybe somebody will see it and can do something about it. Rather than going down to the DPW and causing a scene since this has been going on for awhile now, you know… like a Karen?