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This is a little misleading. A lot of corporations fund research so they can skewe results in their favor so they pay a lot in the US. Big oil knew about climate change long before it was an issue, but the corporations buried it. Big Tobacco knew cigarettes were unhealthy, they spent a lot of money to bury it. Aaron Swarts did a lot of research on this sort of thing and it eventually cost him his life, which is unfortunate because he is possibly the greatest mind of the 21st century.


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One of the guys behind the original batman animated series also worked on the music for Star Craft II and I'm convinced that's why the soundtrack slaps. You can definitely hear the similarities in the music if you pay attention.


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Bold of you to assume we will find intelligent life when we dont even have it here on earth. Intelligent life wouldn't be fighting with itself over profits while simultaneously stripping the planet of its ability to support life. Fermi paradox is the answer, life kills off the planet before it has a chance to advance their technology to move off the planet.