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Are way more complicated and finicky than you give them credit for, and one capable of building a gun that won't blow up in your hand is way more expensive than a couple hundred dollars. Honestly, this argument is better if you talk about Craigslist machining tools, could probably get what you need for a gun for less than a thousand. But you were being disingenuous and stupid, which is par for the course.


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They already did at the last fomc meeting. The increase was only 50 bps, and they had been doing 75 every 6 weeks all year. The meeting at the end of ja uary is likely to be another 50 bps.

It's important to remember that inflation lags significantly from the rate being set, as it takes time for businesses to curtail orders based on the interest rates they'll be paying, and an overcorrection is sig ificantly worse than an undercorrection.


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Right? How the fuck is the guy above you up voted? It's a disgusting downplaying of how horrific slavery was throughout the world, and in the us and Caribbean in particular.

Shitty jobs suck, and so horrible bosses. However, your manager cannot legally torture, rape, and murder you, they can't prevent you from living with your family, and you're free to seek other employment. Literally nothing in common with slavery whatsoever.


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For anyone doubting this, the Republicans still have overturning obergefell (named specifically) in their current party platform. Re-banning and invalidating existing gay marriages is literally their stated stance. Just because a handful got a hall pass to vote with the democrats to protect gay marriage doesn't mean that they won't turn around if they ever get the chance and make gay people second class citizens again. They literally just did it with abortion, after all their recent Supreme Court picks said under oath that it was settled law.

Good people don't want to break up marriages, and good people are honest.