Butterbuddha t1_izncu0m wrote

Idk what’s up with everyone else’s cat. I’ve had a cat for over 20 years (well several over that span) and they always hide on the floor under the tree. Not one time have any of them tried to jump up into it. 🤷‍♂️


Butterbuddha t1_iu3qgla wrote

True but in that scenario can’t you click in a code and ride off anyways? I can in my Harley. Certainly more convenient to immediately replace the battery rather than keep doing that, though.

I just replaced the battery just recently as a matter of fact, the bike was slow to wake up when I switched on the ignition so I knew it was getting to be that time. The kick in the nuts is also replacing the spare fob battery too which I used literally zero times lol but better safe than sorry!