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There are a few ways to go about it. The local Meetup group friendly tabletop games of Essex does one shots. Boardroom and a few other game stores do as well. Maybe ask around at the St Albans game stores?

I realize you asked about a campaign, and the answer is it's probably going to be difficult to find a DM. If you want to play now, best to go on other DND subreddits or discord channels and post in lfg, Roll 20 also has something similar. Foundry VTT discord also has a lfg. This way you can play online.

The local Meetup also has a specific DND discord.Meet-up D&D

If you want to play locally, make some friends at one shots, find people you like to play with, and go from there. Best of luck finding a group!


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Things that have been working for me lately is to just try as much as I can and see what sticks:

  • Doing activities that you enjoy and making friends through shared interests.
  • Meetup app for various activities. Board games group, hiking groups, Forever 38, dog groups, etc all seem to be active.
  • Keep an eye on your local calendar for community and library. Attend things that you're interested in. It's craft fair season so there's some good things to check out there.
  • Since Burlington is an option, look at events for the Boardroom, they do a ladies night and I've also been told that if you show up there's always someone looking to play.
  • Seven Days calendar covers a lot of different events.