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Is it really long term losses though? We’ve witnessed how companies were raising prices for goods because of supply chain issues, and then the supply chain is solved but the companies didn’t lower prices because they were finding they could make more money by producing fewer widgets.

If your goal as CEO is to make fewer widgets at a high markup, you don’t need as many employees


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I’m tired of people claiming that disinformation is so intractable from “free speech,” and that somehow means that it is inherently valuable.

Disinformation has net negative value. We’ve placed limits on “free speech” such that hate speech and speech that gets people killed is actually illegal in the US. I have yet to see anyone make any claim as to why disinformation should be protected speech.

And before everyone comes in with the predictable “who decides what’s disinformation” nonsense, the answer is a judge. Literally what their job is and has been for over 200 years.