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I agree, long, long odds of the Right Whales making it. But I have never been one to just decide, "Welp, they are fucked..." just so people can keep eating lobster. Or better yet just because the guys who fish for lobster have to use a different rig to harvest it. I also said they needed to ensure that the Canadians were also in compliance, particularly the crab fisherman, but there is no way to make that pitch successfully to Canada without our own fishermen playing ball.


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So because of a EPA requirement that they have a particular kind of kit, that they already got an extension on because of Trumps bullshit, Joe Biden should not serve lobster at state dinners? Ya, that makes zero fucking sense.

I swear, I will never not be amazed with how much capitalism has done to destroy the environment both here, at sea, globally, you name it. How so many people loose their fucking minds whenever some kind of environmental regulation comes down that might effect them or the economy in any fucking way. I worked a Stern out of Harpswell before I was shaving, I have kin that lobstered for generations up until recently, I am in that "crowd" as it were. I was 100% on board with nothing but support for the fishermen out of the gate and have done a 180 at this point because every time they open their mouths they make me want to stick an icepick in my ear to dodge the bullshit they pushing.

I personally think we are all fucked, a few more keystone events, a couple low yield nuke exchanges over water in some place hot and sandy and it's going to be all she wrote for us. But if we can save something on the way out, even if just temporarily shouldn't we? I mean this is a 1billion dollar Maine industry they say, so does that mean they can't afford the kit they need? I mean I see the Bubs building custom racing boats, and rocking new trucks, are they really that close to the edge that these regulations are going to put them out of business? Because if the answer to that is "Well, no..." then they can pound sand.


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> Dude over fishing of lobster is not a concern at all in Maine

Your assessment that "there is no concern" does not match up with the amount of regulation we have. Climate change, if it does actually get to warm for them, will just kill them. They can not survive the lack of O2 at the depths needed to maintain that temp, they won't be migrating anywhere.


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They tried that before, that's why they don't lobster in Long Island Sound anymore. They tried to say it was warming and pesticides, both of which are clearly at play and not a good thing but a couple studies have pointed out it was mostly just overfishing. That is why you see a lot of the hoops our fisherman jump through in play up here and federal oversite as capitalists going to exploit and all that.


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The industry on the whole has cut the number of beds available in order to maximize profit, by about 1/3rd since 75 despite an increase in population and the boomers aging out. It is the same shit as the dangerous short staffing they been leaning into, whatever it takes to return more to the shareholders is what is going to happen.


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For sure. They only way to enjoy life in the trades is to hang your own shingle, or maybe find a co-op or partnership where everyone involved has the same mindset. I know so many guys in the trades who have the house, all the toys, the kids and never get to see any of it. They just end up physically and mentally broken and bitter by the time they hit 40.


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I hope they wildcat.

Our labor protections were never much more than lip service, the bare minimum required to keep the labor movement from then 1920's from burning the whole show right to the ground. They don't teach it in schools for the obvious reasons of not wanting people to know how powerful collective bargaining and industrial action can be, but it was a bloody violent conflict that had the state backing the wealthy elites at every opportunity. Every single strike was called a "riot" in the press and met with violence from both police, private mercenaries and in some cases the military itself. The thing is with the rampant abuse of wealth in our government, citizens united, politicians clearly violating their ethics by taking money, sweet gigs when they are done, insider trading... You all know what I talking about that at this point the only thing that will save us from some kind of dystopian capitalistic corporatocracy is going to be a real rebirth of the labor movement. We are ripe for it, way to many people are working full time and still can not survive, these rail workers were treated fucking horribly, when you cant make it anyway and your life sucks even when you are pissing away your ticks on the old clock making some rich prick richer, might as well strike.


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Lol. There were still fish back when their were soviets, for sure they overfished but it was the last half century of capitalism that fucked the seas up beyond repair.


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Wait, you mean an business who pitches being environmentally considerate has stopped carrying a product that is gathered in a way that is proven to endanger a already critically endangered type of whales? Who could have seen this coming. Now do Canadian crab next...


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I have gone through a ton of different shoes, from old wooden ones to modern lightweight ones and go back to those big white military style all the time. They are good on deep stuff, easy to maintain and big enough to keep my fat ass where it needs to be. I would just buy something cheap to start, maybe from Chez Reny or goodwill. Don't go all in until you know if you are going to enjoy it, it's one of the most physically demanding winter hobby's in my opinion. Even if you hike all summer those first few trips in the snow take about four times longer than they should and will leave you spent.


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Just dress in layers. Good warm base layer, a good sweater or sweatshirt on top of it, something on top of that to break the wind and provide another layer and a vest and you should be fine. I am outdoors playing all winter in that get up and do fine. Don't skimp on your hat however, a good hat, boots with insulating socks and decent gloves/mittens make all the difference. It's the cold you have to worry about more than the snow, if anything when it is snowing it will often warm up.

I wouldn't drop fat stacks on good down winter coat unless you get here and really feel a need to, and if you do get to that point hit goodwill. You can for sure find something there on the cheap to get you through your visit. Particularly as with the weather as wonky as it is January could be pretty warm again.