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This is what really gets me about DC’s response to property crimes. Not everybody just goes to insurance or has money to replace things. Good luck OP. Depending where you come from, you might be able to find a cash job with others of your countrymen at restaurant etc.


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I’ve been here since 1992. I have very little interaction with political people except an appreciation for the young people it brings to town which has been pretty consistent over 30 years.


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I did this as my partner’s family was very conservative religiously and she was nearly 20 years younger than me. I didn’t really care whether he gave me permission and she didn’t either but the upside was now whenever she has some kind of family issue with them I just tell them how it’s going to be and as “the head of my household” they accept it no issues. It’s like all their control freak shit backfired on them.

I would suggest Joes Stone Crab or the Palm.


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Metro could set the price at $2 or $3 or $4, but any of those options could have equity concerns. For instance, long-distance commuters could ride 30 miles for $3 dollars – but a lower-income rider going three or four stops would pay the same.

Just get the system running reliably. Trying to figure who has what money living where is damn near impossible. An unfortunate part of being poor is that some things are a larger proportion of your income than if you were rich. The only way to solve that is leveling at tax time not trying to micromanage every single aspect of human existence.