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I got lucky with the one that i did. It was interred in a wall for like 20 something years. Husband wanted her cremated, at her time of death the family wouldnt allow it and it was her dying wish. So we had to remove all the metal from the casket, huge wooden casket, while she was in there. Pretty crazy, pretty cool. You could see the crack in her skull that killed her. Everything was so desicated there wasnt really any smell at all.


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Nah, you dont forget that smell. That smell will be forever burned into your senses. I was a fire fighter and some bozo committed suicide by flooring it in his pickup, in the rain, into a metal telephone pole. We know because there were tire marks in the road, it ended at a T and the pole was dead ahead. No tire rracks in the dirt which means he jumped that T into the pole. Fully engulfed. Had to pull the crispy critter out. Everything is soaked in rain, mud, and this guys fluids. Crazy day. Think the carry all we used to move him is still hanging in the engine bay. That was 4 years ago.


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>Will our willingness to look another human in the eyes, to feel anothers embrace, to laugh and dine with another with ease, will these all be things of the past at some point?

I dont believe so. Things like podcasts are only one facet that is being addressed. There is no interaction. No physical connection. Nothing but a screen to look at and a speaker to listen to. I think eventually, people who are heavily into this type of thing, will eventually look past the podcast or whatever it is and decide they want social interactions just like these podcast people had since they seem to be enjoying it. Or start a podcast of their own and that in itself is a form of human interaction.


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Would artifical sweetners do anything? I know theyre bad for you, but the body reads it as sugar. So could non sugar sugars be used at a point in time to also slow the growth since its not real sugar?