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> George Washington has used "Colonials" since 1926. The Associated Press reported that a special committee looked into the name's history and delivered a report to the school president in March 2021.

> According to an online statement from George Washington University, the committee determined that supporters of "Colonials" view it as referring to "those who lived in the American colonies, especially those who fought for independence and democracy," while opponents see the term as referring to "colonizers who stole land and resources from indigenous groups, killed or exiled Native peoples and introduced slavery into the colonies."

> George Washington will keep using "Colonials" until a new name is introduced. That is expected by the 2023-24 academic year.

> "A moniker must unify our community, draw people together and serve as a source of pride," said Grace Speights, chair of the university's Board of Trustees. "We look forward to the next steps in an inclusive process to identify a moniker that fulfills this aspiration."

So they're going to change it to be on the safe side. I still think it's a bit of a stretch but if the cost is just changing the nickname I guess they think why not.


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I did this for a while, had a 9-5 job and worked at a restaurant in Robinson until around 11PM a few days a week washing dishes.

My main job was IT so more mentally tiring - I found that doing some general mindless physical labor was not that bad. It actually fixed a back problem I was having too.

Pay was pretty abysmal, but free meals (of which half would become lunch the next day).


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Reply to comment by James19991 in BNYM Employees by reesesmama

Maybe it could be spun as causing too much administrative overhead to process a 401k match every pay period. Except... it's a bank. The literal business is processing financial transactions.

If the Simpsons was any good still, they would write this into a story for Mr. Burns.

BTW - I don't want it to seem like I've been saving this stuff up or am some kind of /r/antiwork radical. My nephew is in his early 20s and just starting his career in the same field as me and has been asking for advice. He just wrapped up his 3rd interview with BNY. I knew they had a bad rep (from current co-workers who came from BNY) but dug these articles up for him last week as citations for trying to steer him clear. I think he's going to take the position - but my advice is "don't stop looking for greener pastures" while working there.


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Reply to comment by James19991 in BNYM Employees by reesesmama

I agree, but that's not how these C-Suites see things.

Employees are a cost center. If they can improve short term profits by getting rid of a 50-year old employee making $95k with some kid out of college who will accept $45k, even short term, that's a win for them. And probably earning them a bonus.

I mean, look at the 401k thing. It's such a small thing in the big picture of compensation of a bank, what could possibly be the motivation behind it other than "As CFO I reduced expenses".

Saving pennies to lose dollars when they get hit with a cyber attack or something in the near future because they replaced the experienced people.


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It's "quiet firing" IMO. They want people to be unhappy so they voluntarily look for other jobs, and then no need for headlines about layoffs, no need for buyouts or unemployment. It's a shit strategy straight out of Poppa Elon's book.

BNY plans to lay off 1,500 > The company said it plans to invest in areas that include “early-in-career talent” and expects to ramp up its recruiting on college campuses this year.

So laying off longer-tenured employees and hiring kids straight out of college they can pay less.

And don't forget how they switched their 401k match so that they don't have to pay it out when they lay people off at Xmas.

My nephew is on his 3rd round of interviews with them currently. I couldn't warn him in time.


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Yeah I know I may sound like I'm wearing a tin foil hat but thoughts go to the Russians or Chinese trying to stoke unrest in the US.

It could go either way. School shootings start the debate about gun control which divides the nation. False alarms like this are just fuel to the fire. One of the first comments I heard muttered when I arrived on scene was "this is why we need to give the teachers guns".

Which, in fairness it was a emotionally charged situation because we had no idea what was going on, and people were just running their mouths.


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It was done stupidly too. For Hopewell, the call went to Aliquippa PD. The post office is in Aliquippa so the school has Aliquippa in the mailing address - even though we have our own police force. HQ right next to the Jr. High none the less.

No one actually from Hopewell would have made that mistake. Whoever did this just googled it and guessed.


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Of all the luxuries I am fortunate to be able to afford, my lawn guy is #1. $35 a cut, never have to worry about if it's going to rain over the weekend so I have to do it after work on Thursday, no lawnmower purchase or maintenance, no getting covered in all the nubbins and sweaty.

I tip the shit out of them first and last cut.


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Yeah it was kind of shocking to get the letter saying my house which was previously assessed at $26k (way low) was now in the 6 figure range (which is more accurate). But I knew they were going to adjust the millage before I got it so I didn't panic.

I could see this blindsiding someone who didn't know. And then the news interviews them because "taxes bad" and gets views/clicks.


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Hopewell students are released. If a parent isn't available to pick them up, they're being bussed back to their schools (they consolidated a bunch but not all kids at Margret Ross)

“The HS students are being moved to the Hopewell Shopping Center to be bussed home immediately, and all HS drivers will be allowed to return to the HS to pick up the cars and drive home.

“All schools are currently in lockdown. Buses will take the HS students home and return to the Hopewell Shopping Center plaza to pick up the Junior High School students for dismissal. It is expected that the JHS will be on buses departing the plaza at 1:15-1:30pm and will return students home at that time. For families wanting to pick up their JHS child, all students will be moved to the shopping plaza. Please stay in your car and be positioned in the fire lane heading from Empire Palace restaurant towards Kuhns with passenger doors on curb side. Kuhns will be the front of the pickup line.

“All elementary schools will depart school on regular buses at the regular dismissal time for childcare purposes. Elementary families will be able to pick up students if they desire to do so upon reading this notification. However, buses will operate as under regular conditions for elementary only.”


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> Chopped ham is the product.

Which is equivalent to a hot dog for ham.

Chopped ham is a mixture of ham chunks and trimmings and seasonings, ground together and then packaged into loaves.

Don't get me wrong, I like it and I eat it. But people being picky about it is an oxymoron like "gourmet hot dog" IMO.


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Do they still not have a burn unit, anyone know?

Long story short - my kid got burnt and sent to the hospital (not in my care) and I was initially told Childrens, and arrived and they told me they have no burn unit so he was probably sent to Mercy (he was).

Mercy was great, they even have a little play area with like a kid's play area and wheeled in a TV with a Wii and stuff. The only bad part was that his bed/unit was in the main either ICU or step-down unit and more than a few nights I laid awake listening to stabbing victims cuss out the nurses.


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Some areas outside Allegheny County as well. I totally hit the lottery living in Hopewell (Beaver County) - Verizon stopped expanding FIOS at the county border, and for years my only options were 3Mb DSL or Comcast. Then like 5 years ago GoNetSpeed started offering service and I was the first install in my zip code.

$90/month for duplex 1Gb. Service has never gone out.


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> I often appear blurry or the sound cuts out to them, especially if I’m on WiFi.

If it works fine wired, but not on wi-fi, then your wi-fi signal is the problem, not asynchronous upload bandwidth.

Don't get me wrong, the 10% upload is atrocious, but not the culprit in this case.

The last comcast 2-in-one modem I saw at a neighbors was a piece of crap. No external antenna's, signal wouldn't cover a 2 bedroom ranch. PSA - and this may be out of date - you should be able to buy your own modem and router and it will pay off in a year vs "leasing" their crap equipment for a fee every month.


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> the exhaust appears very old and not well maintained

Sounds like the exhaust has been there a while. Now - was it malfunctioning when they looked at the apartment/moved in and this is a recent change I think is a valid question.

> a situation where a nuisance existed before you moved in significantly limits the legal options available to address the nuisance.

I rented an apartment once, off a local veterinarian, right next to his practice. While I lived there he had built a crematory right outside my back window, the place was typical Pittsburgh 1st floor in the front, walk out basement in the back so my apartment was basically at smoke-stack level.

My lease was up and I ended up moving out for other reasons, but man I would have been pissed if I was stuck in a lease and had to look at that thing running.


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Not in the City of Pittsburgh - but I had kind of a similar incident as OP. One of my neighbors 2 doors down had their house up for sale (and had already moved out) and had one of those spinning roof vents that had a bearing go in it or something, and was this constant high-pitched whining that drove me and my dogs nuts any time the wind blew. (and for the record this is in Hopewell Township, right next to the airport that I listen to every day, so I'm not super sensitive to sound in general)

We didn't have contact info for the current owners, so I first reached out to the realtor who didn't respond.

Then reached out to my local township commissioners (CCing and including other neighbors with the same concerns, to not appear a Karen) and included video with sound. They sent someone out the next day to verify, and he stopped by for a friendly chat. They were able to bring to bear whatever township ordinance to basically contact the realtor and force the current owner into fixing it.

OP did the reasonable thing first - getting his landlord to talk to the restaurant owner first (ask nicely). But if it really is a nuisance, escalate up and hopefully someone will be able to bring some weight to bear.

Or... as I talked one of my neighbors out of... you could just climb up with a ladder and take care of it yourself. I don't recommend destruction of property though.

For the record btw I live in Hopewell township - near the airport. And the planes don't bother


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Side note - I went on a little vacation last year to the Parkersburg, WV area (actually just across the river on Ohio) and they had this "Western Sizzlin" steakhouse that seemed like a Ponderosa - and was supposed to have a nacho bar. My wife loves nacho's so it seemed like a no-brainer that we had to go.

No nacho bar. We ordered the most expensive steak (still not that expensive) and it was Kings-quality, overcooked grey piece of meat (ordered medium). They did have a "baked potato bar" consisting of sour cream, gravy and/or cheese (couldn't tell the vats of grey/yellowish gel apart), a shaker of bacon bits, and inexplicitly - peas. Like a big buffet pan of canned peas.

Average age of people eating there was around 80, and I watched in horror as the little old ladies just went full ham ladling an ridiculous amount of canned peas onto their baked potatoes. It felt like being in a Twilight Zone episode where aliens in disguise walked among us and they could only get nutrition from peas.


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> Grand Concourse

Will underwhelm as well (went for the first time last year). Just my opinion but there have been previous posts about it and this sub generally agrees with the sentiment.

Go with Texas De Brazil. I'm going to check out Fogo de Chao next month.