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I think it depends on the neighborhood. We’re in Queen Village and leased a brand new Mini in April 2020. So coming up on 3 years of street parking, I’m pretty impressed with its condition. It’s definitely not perfect, mainly just some small nicks on the bumpers, and a couple ‘brushmarks’ on the side where maybe a biker grazed it, but no dents at all. We’re planning to buy it when the lease is up next month and then just keep it and run it until it dies one day. You’re right though the random ding or dent is just part of the experience


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clocking in at just around a 4 hour drive you can get to some of the Finger Lakes in NY. We had a blast staying on the south end of Seneca Lake. Hiking and wine tastings are the prime activities. If that’s appealing I’d definitely check it out