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100% wrong

Andromeda is typically the farthest object you can see with the naked eye from a dark site. Even from a bortle 2/3 site its naked eye.

You have no idea what youre talking about


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I started repairing my own iphones in the ip4 days.

Apple gave me a bullshit answer when my charge port died, “its non repairable” and offered me a $400 refurb instead

Did it myself for $10

I stopped repairing in the ip8 days when I got tired of not being able to find high quality replacement screens and parts. And apple started detection of “non oem” parts, tied to touch id or face id.

Would be awesome if apple and samsung made their phones easily repairable

But outside of a very small niche of enthusiasts, nobody gives a shit

That being said purposely making a device difficult to be repaired or limiting who can repair should be illegal, and thats what dudes like rossman are doing.

I hope they can effect a large industry change …