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first of all that first line is funny, credit where credit is due.

now india is already in the process of doing that, but what reddit experts like you don't understand is that changing arms and supply chains takes time. by the time india will have done it fully to not rely on russia this war will have been long over.


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it's not like all indians are poor. but yeah what you're saying is right. 75 percent of india's population is made up of poor farmers who couldn't give two shits about global impact on indian economy. as along as they keep growing food on their farms, make their own clothes and some of them also live without electricity so yeah. what mao and deng did in china was get the basterds out of the villages and into the factories but indian government can't do that. the rest 25 percent have a very good quality of life and they hold about 90 percent of the 3.6 trillion dollar wealth in india


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every indian agrees that china is far more powerful than india. even our ministers say so, that is non debateble. what this discussion was about was that india is a better place to invest than pakistan i don't know why you just came here to make your self feel better by shitting on india and feel better about being chinese


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A little something for people offended that india buys russian oil

Trade is clearly a focus of the trip, but that there's another layer to this did not escape the German ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann. He explained at a press briefing ahead of the trip: "India buying oil from Russia is none of our business. Basically, that's something that the Indian government decides ... what we would like to see, of course, is an Indian engagement at some stage."

source - DW(german outlet)


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yep the cycle continues....same thing happened with india and pak during cold war 1.

india was a soviet satellite and pak was a us satellite but unlike pak india is a well managed country which is hpe to do well with western investments and not spread radicalism and terrorism and focus on actual growth.