CLee1z t1_j2sdh4l wrote

I wish Calamity Jane was here. She would understand what they're trying to do to the human psyche, then she would punch them all in the jaw for trying to make her change her pronouns


CLee1z t1_j2rxc6l wrote

Nobody used that term. It's a new form of name calling, and I'm correct, it's to create division and further separate people from each other. If you called Calamity Jane that name she would punch you in the jaw. It's name calling and labeling. It's division


CLee1z t1_j2rvw9m wrote

It's a modern term that is designed to put people into categories and create more division, and some go along with it. Putting that label on her is not necessary, and it further separates people, and I feel I should point this out more often.


CLee1z t1_j2rkiph wrote

The men's clothes were probably more comfortable, so that's what she wore. Why label her as a crossdresser? I don't think she was making a statement, but today's society will put her in a sexual category anyway. Ridiculous