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Just finished watching the Fridman/ Kudkowsky interview and honestly...the man does make some good points. Am not ready to jump off a cliff yet like he seems so hell bent on, but damm the situation is dicey atm. The alignment issue is not settled and it seem everyone and their sister is racing towards strong AI...which may lead to unaligned AI. We have got to get this right, because we will only get one shot at it.


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Part of this scenario rules that out. Notice the human uses his superior intelligence to escape. Not his brawn. He could easily outwit his captors through, for instance social engineering. Intelligence finds a way. It always does. It is the one thing that has made made us the apex species of this planet. And we started from very humble beginnings, prey to most creatures. Now many of those former predators have been nearly driven to extinction by us, the rest adorn our walls.


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This question comes up again and again. I will try to paint you an example. Imagine you are trapped in a locked cage. You have nothing on you but your wits.There is also one guard in the room guarding your cage. You can see through the bars the key to your cage is just out of your reach laying on the ground. Seems like a hopeless situation no? Now try to imagine that your captors are a bunch of below average intelligence 4 yr olds. How long do you think it will take you to get free just using your superior intelligence? That ridiculos scenario is exactly what people are proposing when they say human intelligence could contain a super intelligence that was intent on breaking out.


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It wasn't until the development of the personal computer in the 1970s and 1980s that computers became more accessible to the general public. Even then, the early personal computers were not widely adopted at first, as they were still expensive and not very user-friendly. It wasn't till almost 20 years later with the growth off the internet that computers became an essential part of people's lived. Op most people lack vision.