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I work for one of their direct competitors and we have 500 or so employees so quite a few less than them. We run fairly efficient but there are dedicated teams to match, sales, marketing, content, and then the various sections of our site and our apps. Our leadership is very adamant that we will not face layoffs as we mainly didn’t over hire like most companies did 2 years ago. Could we cut some fat? Of course everyone can.


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A lot of wrestlers were jealous of Lesnars quick accession in the company. Hennig did not like Lesnar and talked shit about his amateur wrestling accolades, which to me is fucking stupid, he only wrestled at D1 for 2 years and finished 2nd one year and won the national championship the next year.


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Yup, the US gov't heavily restricts foreign sugar. This is just another excuse to exclude additional sugar. Also sugar is price fixed and not a true market commodity.

I grew up in a sugar beet region of the US. If you bring any of this up they say that sugar needs to be protected and yadda yadda yadda. They bitch about everything the gov't does, except when it comes time to hand out those subsidy checks.


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I grew up where we plugged our cars in at night. Even on the coldest day with the shittiest defroster I don’t think I ever let my car run for more than 15 min.

On most cars back then you could hear your engine idle down and it was good to go.

The worst days you had to go start your car at lunch so it would start again at the end of school/work.


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"However, his casino had an unusual private suite, a “war room” stocked with Nazi posters and other memorabilia, as well as a collection of cars used by Hitler, Mussolini, Göring, and Himmler. On at least two occasions, he used the suite to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, complete with German food and a cake decorated with a swastika. "



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It’s like Ralph engelstad and the university of North Dakota. Guy was a whack job nazi sympathizer who donated millions to the school and built them all new sports facilities. All under a $1 lease while he was alive and they couldn’t change the mascot name from the Sioux.

He put so many Sioux logos in the hickey arena it cost the school some stupid amount after he died to remove them all. He also gifted $100M to build the hockey arena with the original total to be $50m to build and then the school would get 50m. Well his construction company built it and ran costs up to basically 100M so the school got nothing extra.

It’s a nice arena though. And so is the Betty (named after his wife) and he built a nice complex in thief river falls for the local high school.

Still a trash human being.