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I've posted this a couple times over the last year or so.

I work as an engineer in a factory where our products go in corrugated cardboard boxes. The corrugated cardboard market has seen substantial price increases over the last few years. Think about it ... all of a sudden in 2020, the entire world was buying everything online and getting it shipped in cardboard boxes. Cardboard manufacturers had a hard time keeping up with demand and really the prices haven't come back down since then.

You can see the steep increase in slope shortly after 2020 starts here:


So, as an engineer in my company we are tasked basically daily to work on ideas to cut costs to our product. Reducing or eliminating the amount of cardboard that we use is an easy way to cut costs. I never peeled back the layers of my old HD650 box, but I imagine the "interior" of that fancy box was just some kind of dense paper product with some nice looking cosmetic material on the outside.


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I am debating between buying these exact 2 headphones, so I really appreciate your write up.

Whenever you have the free time, would you be willing to compare 1 more song between the two of them?

“Albatross” by Big Wreck. I briefly owned the Edition XS and the acoustic guitars in this song would tickle my ear drums and I really enjoyed that sensation (especially after 0:30). I imagine the Arya Stealth would also have a similar presentation, but I am wondering if the 109 will still have the tickling sensation. Any other thoughts between the two headphones on this song?

Thanks in advance if you take the time to do this!


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It's pronounced shit.

At the start of the covid pandemic, they even started offering toilet paper with "Schiit" on it as a joke when the toilet paper supply was so low. Looks like they still offer it. https://www.schiit.com/products/toilet-paper

edit to add:

The have a physical location they call the Schittr (shitter). They had a product called the Schiit Eitr (shit eater). They still offer the Schiit Fulla (full of shit). They really lean in on the whole shit thing.


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I bought B Stock LCD-X a couple weeks ago. One of the pads was really crinkly, the other pad had a noticeable blemish. Some other scuffs and little things around one of the cups.

Not lucky like others but not terrible I guess. The crinkly pad was the worst offender to me, looked completely different than the other.

Edit to add photo. https://imgur.com/a/jAtfHv9


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(After EQ'ing to Oratory's settings) I loved the bass presentation of the LCD-X but they still felt too relaxed for *my personal* sound signature preference. I'm sure it's because of HiFiMan's boosted brightness, but there were plenty of details I was hearing in the Edition XS that I wasn't hearing any more in the LCD-X.