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Absolutely correct!

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And the amazing thing was that, back then, even officers fought for one side or another - like CEOs shifting from one company to another today. Rogers (the guy who most historians say captured Hale) later fought for the Patriot side, after the Revolutionary War had ended. No hard feelings.


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I've mentioned Culper in a couple - but haven't focused exclusively on it. There are so many excellent PBS and other shows on it, I don't know that I'd add much to the narrative, but it IS on my radar screen!


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Considering its proximity to the Connecticut River and the existence of the rock outcroppings in the Behind the Rocks neighborhood of Hartford, I'd hazard a guess that the answer is yes


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Is that the group that owns the equivalent of a residential property in (I think) Trumbull, or somewhere close by? I believe it's listed as a reservation or official tribal property if a Google search is done


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I am gob-smacked (to steal a favorite term from my British friends). I only knew of the Schaghticoke gfight with the feds for property and tribal land recognition (actually, basic tribal status - they have some land). Thanks again!


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Your Native American historical knowledge is far superior to mine. You're right about the use of the word "original". But it's always interesting to see how r/Connecticut will respond. There are some very talented/knowledgeable folks on this site