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yes to all of that. But my point still stands and I see it here all the time - CT residents who are unaware of things like cost of living in OP's current home. That other states have higher fees and taxes on certain things. That traffic is indeed way worse in SoCal and Atlanta and elsewhere.

That was my point. Not that CT is some easily affordable utopia.

Kind of like how parts of Florida are no longer an easily affordable utopia anymore either and those who moved there 10 years ago are now eating shit when they get their homeowners insurance premiums.


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Be prepared to face endless CT whiners who will absolutely refuse to believe there is anywhere on earth more expensive than here. Oh, and those same myopic misanthropes also believe CT traffic is the worst in the world.

You’re in for a lot of head shaking and disbelieving chuckling.

But welcome. It’s pretty good here.


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the removed comment asked where - NW West Hartford. Small WF in Bishop's Corner, Huge new one up 44 in Avon, and mid-sized one in West Hartford center. All 3 are quite different TBH. (and the story of why the tiny one nearest me still exists is ridiculous - it has no right to exist with 2 much larger stores within a couple miles, but there it is - right next to a Big Y which is often more expensive for many things.


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I guess I should be happy I live within 10 minutes of 3 different Whole Foods stores?

I didn't know people straight up traveled for groceries. (I know, I know, they sell some specialty items I suppose.)


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As compared to FLORIDA?! You will be the happiest non-binary dark-skinned person on the planet.

The worst that will happen to you in S Glastonbury is some old white person will look at you for an extra second or two. And before you know it, you’ll be sharing stories about how shitty Florida is and it will be fine.


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Actually, the bishops corner location has been slated to close - seriously close- 3x now. It’s unkillable. It’s missing tons of stuff, and is largely an Amazon fulfillment center now, but damn if we don’t go there 2x/week still.

It’s no more expensive than the big Y next door for most stuff anyway.

But yeah- Cheese n Stuff —> Wild oats —> screwed over the West End (Hartford) —> Whole Foods —> gonna close —> blue back opens 3 miles away —> really gonna close —> Avon opens 4 miles away —> REALLY gonna close —> announces they’re not gonna close —> can’t kill it.

Bishops Corner is like a boutique Whole Foods that only Carrie’s the “basic” Whole Foods fare.