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Bing kicks ass lol, I can get quick and easy citations of USC if I know vaguely what I'm looking for, find papers way easier than scholar search if again I vaguely know what I want, get pointed to the correct philosophical concepts (and even have a philosophical discussion with it), I mean really it's the best way to find stuff on the web right now.

Just tell it what you're looking for and voila

Also a great quick reference for games, although as you can expect it's better at knowing things about newer, popular games.


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It's not, the commenter doesn't know what they're talking about. There's a paper out in the last few days (I think) showing that weaker systems can be fine tuned on input/output from stronger model and approximate the better models' results. This implies any model with paid or unpaid API access could be subject to a sort of cloning. It suggests that competitive moats will not be able to hold.

Plus (I have yet to reproduce since I've been away from my machine) APPARENTLY a Facebook model weights got leaked in the last week and apparently someone managed to run the full 60B weights model on a raspberry pi (very very slowly) but two implications:

  1. "Stealing" weights continues to be a problem, this isn't the first set of model weights to get leaked iirc, and once you have a solid set of model weights out, experience with stable diffusion suggests there might could be an explosion of use and fine tuning.

  2. Very very very surprisingly (I am going to reproduce it if I can because if true this is amazingly cool) consumer grade GPUs can run these LLMs in some fashion. Previous open sourced LLMs that fit in under 16Gb of vram are super disappointing because to get the model size small enough to fit on the card you have to limit the number of input tokens, which means the model "sees" very few words of input with which to produce output, pretty useless.

Now I don't think this year we'll have competitive LLMs running on GPUs at home, but, even if openAI continues to be super lame and political about their progress, eventually the moat will fall.

Also all the money to be made (aside from bing eating google) or maybe I should say most of the value is going to be captured by skilled consumers/users of LLMs not by glorified compute providers.


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Victorian row homes

Not built much anymore probably due to land use restrictions more than anything else. I'm talking out of my ass ofc, but this literally is the kind of smart, walkable, mixed use urbanism that's illegal to build in most of the

My understanding is that originally these (now $1million) homes were cheap, mass produced, and typically inhabited by poorer residents.


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that blows my mind, i've only seen people go like 25 there (which is still fast for what it is, IMO) but I'm hearing (itt) that there's people who speed around haines point in their cars? Should have their license revoked for that, makes no sense to me


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To be fair, I think the people that like to drive in, park, and cook out are absolutely entitled to use the space too. And so are the people out for a scenic drive, tbh. I haven't had much issue with the car traffic on haines point itself. I guess some other people have, but as much as I love to harp on the infrastructure drum, if a handful of drivers speed around the point it could really be solved with enforcement.


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> . Hains Point is incredibly popular with capital C Cyclists (the kind in lycra) who use it for training rides at high speed. Asking them to share space with people biking at a normal pace and pedestrians is a recipe for conflicts and collisions, to say nothing of including a contraflow bike lane in such a narrow space.

Also it's already really easy to share the space with slower cyclists. It's 2 full lanes of empty space, you just give the slower person space, say on your left, ding a bell, and there's zero conflict.

I cycle there slow sometimes, and fast other times. It's a beautiful route. So easy to share the space too.

After this redesign there will be less space, with one counter flow lane in the middle of the road, like how does that do anything but make it worse??