Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx8a78 wrote

My point is, your comment was completely useless.

It implies we shouldn’t bother, the damage was already done. Well done on comprehending your own comments there, and being part of the problem.


Cadaver_Junkie t1_iwx7l8f wrote

Oh you’re right! Why bother doing anything?

I mean, we polluted massively for ages when being told it would cause intense problems whilst denying climate change, and now we’ll accept climate change is a thing when we can just say “changing won’t wake a difference”.

I guess the step after that is to somehow blame those who tried to warn us, say they weren’t doing enough and it’s their fault we have this problem? Whilst continuing to pollute?

And after that we can move to cheaper and more profitable renewables anyway with the money made from wrecking the planet and claim we were part of the solution all along?

I like your plan. I mean, it’s 100% asshole, but well done.


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… seriously you don’t understand that post?

override367 was saying that all this mass migration caused by climate change is going to be managed by right wing public entities in predictable ways; they will be exploited as “other” to distract from problems at home, and minimised to reduce their rights in the eyes of people in safer locations.

That’s “why though”.

They aren’t supporting that stance.