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Pathetic grammar teacher. You can't possibly think that all 4/4 drummers are the same, you're more ignorant than you think I am if that's the case. Yea Slipknot's drummer is better than Meg White from the White Stripes, Lars from Metallica and the Mushroomhead drummer. Plus Spiders by Slipknot is in 7/8. You seem to be one of those pseudo intellectuals types who acts like he knows everything.


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Maybe I wasn't paying attention to coldplay but clearly you weren't paying attention, I didn't call Joey Jordanson the "greatest drummer of all time" I said he was better than the mushroomhead drummer. If you compared them you'd agree.

Mike Portnoy is an amazing drummer too bad the bands he plays for are play boring drawn out prog metal.

Ill donate my eyes when you donate your brain because unlike my eyes you ain't using it


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This is the first I've heard of any of those things about coldplay I don't know who Gwyneth Paltrow is. Kinda weak publicity if you ask me. Who cares if its carbon neutral or carbon negative or carbon monoxide.

Girls Not Grey is far from the only sound AFI had on that record and has since then. Dancing Through Thursday is more punk and the leaving song part 2 is harder than Girls not grey.

Yes and no with slipknot, yea they had roadrunner records on their side but let's keep it real, Mushroomhead didn't have a drummer as skilled and intense as Joey or a vocalist as good as Corey. To say its ALLL PR and marketing is wrong, Not to mention, you can have ALL of those things and still fail. Plus mushroomhead just doesn't have the songs compared to slipknot and is more inconsistent.

Plus Labeling GTA as a murder simulator is kinda... seems boomerish. Call of duty, Mortal Kombat and a whole host of other video games could be labelled that but it is inaccurate and stupid to call it that


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Wrong. Slipknot has stood the test of time due to their music, if their music wasn't as good as it was they would be like Mushroomhead, another Nu Metal band that wore masks and had extra drummers.

What publicity stunts and relationships have Coldplay done? You sure you didn't mean Ye right?

And AFI never sold out they just changed styles and punks don't like that.