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I stull suspect contamination to groundwater is going to be the larger issue in the long run.

Yes, If the wells are dug correctly and don't get damaged, there is a low chance of contamination. The problem is that the wells don't always get dug correctly, and even then damage is still possible.


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>And norway do produce both electric and petrol....

That's because everything is often flogged to the free market. Even if your country produced a lot of energy it won't offset local costs.

e.g. UK electricity costs are due to go up to £0.5 / kwh in April despite the fact half our energy is now produced by renewables and should be dirt cheap.


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>some killer feature here no one understands about the metaverse?

Yes and no. Theres a lot of confusion and misdirection when it comes to the Metaverse. And there are still lots of technology shortcomings.

The best description I have seen is that the Metaverse is the internet, but designed for new human interfaces: namely augmented reality and virtual reality. Much like the internet this is more about a set of widely adopted protocols, technologies and standards.

Also it still doesn't exist yet. Things like VRchat do not provide open standards or interoperability.


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Nah, the difference is pretty important.

Because if gov has lots of tax money, who decides where it goes? The corporation with the most lobbying power?

Ultimately the problem will be that no matter what you do, you probably won't get it right unless you effectively cap wealth (because realistically you can't make a judgement call on what is too much / too little tax).