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I don’t like your wording. Perhaps you meant something different, and if you did correct me.

Going by your wording since imprisonment is a common punishment, any method of imprisonment is constitutional, even something like a pillory. I can’t see putting someone in a pillory for any long length of time as constitutional.


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It could kill slower, or even worse make the painkillers ineffective. There’s even been cases where both happened. Survivors describe the ordeal as ‘lava in the veins.’ That’s right, people survived lethal injection.

So yeah, ‘kill him slower’ is on the table. Longest ‘successful’ lethal injection was 1 hour 57 minutes. It was not pretty.


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Hey reform based punishment is unpopular in the states. You got sadistic superheroes like the Punisher who go overboard on the ‘punishment.’ But how often do you hear of a popular film or book that’s all about reforming a violent offender?

Hell it’s political suicide to even look like you are ‘weak on crime.’ People crave blood much more over restitution or rehabilitation.