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Just tell your parents if they bought you a decent telescope you wouldn't look near as pervy to the neighbors who for some reason leave their blinds open facing a young child while having sex dressed up as weird animals.


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Once again as you've ignored multiple times... The landlord picked where to file. The tenant didn't ask to go to federal court. They just took advantage of a loop hole because the land lord is stupid. If the landlord would have filed in state court this wouldn't be a thing.

You are way too focused on the wrong parts of this.


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The landlord filed in federal court where pot IS illegal however. Therefore by law in the jurisdiction that the case has been filed in... it is an illegal act. Btw, Just because a state legalizes weed doesn't make it legal. It is still illegal under Federal law, and Federal law DOES trump state law. The DEA if they wanted to could raid every single dispensary and put everyone in jail for it. They CHOOSE to turn a blind eye to it.

I suppose I should edit my above scenario for you so you can understand: In this scenario Meth is legal in the city where you live but illegal in the rest of your state.

If you rent to the tenant KNOWING he was going to be using the property as a meth lab, under STATE law you are an accomplice to the crime. Even though it's legal in your city.