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I'm an unplugger too, but my partner argued that unplugging and replugging electronics daily shortens the life of said electronic because of the small surge in power that occurs each time it's plugged back in, and that this life shortening and extra energy flow is more wasteful than just leaving the item plugged in when not in use. I haven't put much effort into determining if this is true or not.


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The Champion Evaporator was first manufactured in Hudson, Ohio in 1881, and in June of 1890, G.H. Grimm secured a lease for land alongside the railroad in Rutland, Vermont and over that summer erected a 120 by 40-foot one-story building.

There was another, completely unrelated, Champion Evaporator Company that operated in Berkshire, Vermont and later Richford, Vermont about this same time in the 1880s. This company was relatively short lived with evaporators in production from 1882 to about 1887.

You can read more history about this and maple syrup in general here: