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It wouldn't be the first time something like what you're describing happened. And they Russified a huge swath to surrounding geographic area. Anything is possible, but we shouldn't give the benefit of the doubt to a government that stole that many kids or any kids.


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I'm not trying to be argumentative here exactly, but...what does Junko Tabei even have to do with the US? And Maya Lin is still alive. We don't put living people on currency. I'm not gonna argue against your other two suggestions a bit, but. I'm not certain that it makes sense to say that Junko Tabei had more of an impact on the US than a woman who was born here, in the film industry here for decades, made films in Europe because she wasn't given the roles she should have gotten in favor of white people in yellowface, advocated for better representation for Asian-Americans in film, was a philanthropist, and spent her time and money trying to help China repel the Japanese before WWII.