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The stronger the chemical, the less scrubbing needed. The most effective thing would be something like EZ-off oven cleaner (sodium hydroxide solution if you're not in US). You should be able to spray, let it sit, and wipe off, but make sure you wear rubber gloves as it can burn bare skin. If you don't like strong chemicals, I've heard people use baking soda+water, barkeepers friend, dawn dish soap, lemon juice, or vinegar. Other brands/types of oven cleaner/degreaser would fall somewhere in between the above two options, they don't vary too much apart from special cases like the EZoff


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Be very careful. Those heating elements will burn the ever loving shit out of you in a split second. In a confined space it's like a game of operation. I'd try a strong oven degreaser and clean it cold. Honestly depending how bad it is it may be worthwhile to just buy a new one, and get said idiot a George Foreman grill while you're at it. Toaster ovens aren't multi hundred dollar like full ovens