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No. At 20 lightyears away, you'd need a telescope 1000x the size of the Earth for a single human to appear as a pixel, and even then you'd only be seeing 20 years into the past. This gets exponentially worse the further you go.

Millions of light-years away, there's not enough photons to collect. You'd need a telescope the size of several galaxies, made of material harvested from thousands of other galaxies, just to make out the planet.


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Then you're just regurgitating meaningless buzzwords to try and sound philosophical and enlightened. Just because you sound like a guru doesn't mean you've communicated anything meaningful here. All of your advice is worthless and can't be applied in any impactful way. Waste of a post, keep it to r/witchcraft.


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You're making an argument for the soul with zero evidence to suggest that's the case. Pointing to the edge of unexplainable science and saying "that's where the soul is" is cheap and disingenuous. It could be anything, so it should be nothing until we have reason to believe otherwise.


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Exactly. Our personalities, memories, every thought and feeling we have is just the sum of electrical signals and neurotransmitters floating around an organ in our skull. If we preserve that but change the container, or the material in which those signals and chemicals travel on, nothing should've changed regarding "death."