Canopenerdude t1_iwpxub2 wrote

> In a sane world he's just a moderate Republican who is prochoice and pro public schools, but his side chose the crazy train.

Yeah it's kinda strange. Several of the GOP from the previous 10-15 years in my area I met personally, knew them from community stuff, talked to them in passing. Fine, normal people (other than Perry of course who has always been a wackjob weirdo). But the GOP is so fringe now that they either bought the crazy train or are stuck running behind it.


Canopenerdude t1_it29pnv wrote

> Whenever posts like this come up, idiots will chime in with "hurr durr, hang a cable or piano wire across the trail, it's private property so legally you can do whatever you want". Do not listen to them. This is illegal. Regardless of whether or not it actually kills anyone, you'll wind up with criminal charges and a SUBSTANTIAL civil lawsuit, which you will unconditionally lose. Your homeowners insurance will not defend you.

For context, something that can be commonly assumed to be a 'booby trap' is illegal, no matter if you own the land or not.