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I highly doubt someone is going to solve one of the current biggest mysteries in history using pop science websites on Reddit. And it most likely will remain forever unknown unless there’s some breakthrough archaeological find in the real world. It’s a well known fact that people travelled from as far as northern Scandinavia and Scotland with movement between to the Mediterranean to trade with Bronze Age civilizations.

To claim that these Central Europeans were the Sea People is like claiming China first discovered the Americas. While there is evidence to support the Sea People came from a variety of cultures and those potentially could’ve been from deep inside Europe they were far more likely to be a mix from Sicily, Illyria, North Africa, and elsewhere. Maybe Pannonia but even then you’d have mountains separating who ever is there from the sea.

The more realistic option is that whatever crisis in europe happened caused the flow of trade to stop coming into the Mediterranean from Central Europe. Causing massive whatever merchants who lived off that constant supply to essentially switch careers from merchant ships to desperate pirate fleet or risk losing everything


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There was a biography book called Dune, although it’s much more about this other guy trying to find a way to make the climatologists dream a reality and the politics of it since he was the son of some rich guy or something. I think they made the book into a documentary recently but they only covered the first half which annoyed a lot of people


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I once read this book about some climatologist who would plant these tiny grass saplings in the desert. But it was a super hot and arid desert with just loose sand. So he built this small metal plate on a stick that was super simple and he could mass produce in his garage. But anyways he’d plant the grass and bury the plate beneath it with only a tiny bit stick out. And the plate would get extremely hot during the day, but in the night it would retain the heat into the coldest part to let the grass survive. Then it would get cold so once the morning started again it would condense any moisture in the air that would then water the grass. They were self sufficient once in the ground so he just went wild planting them everywhere until the government had to intervene as it started damaging the wildlife that live inside the desert

He was also assassinated or something before his work was finished idk