Cantora t1_jdsql32 wrote

Watched episode 1. Many continuity issues and logical inconsistencies - pretty much right from the very start...

I'm going to watch ep 2, hoping it was just the pilot. I liked the concept and I'm keen to give it a go, but not if ep2 has the same problems as ep1


Cantora t1_iwhxxft wrote

Because we can choose not to only think of ourselves when we make these kinds of decisions. Why be so selfish?

As for that analogy, you should have insurance and if the police arrest the criminal then you shouldn't need to pay the excess. We're taking about Australia here.

But in the end, you're making a good point that the average person doesn't really give a shit about the greater good. It all boils down to not inconveniencing "me"

The law would need to make sure the ambiguity around insurance was clear, and would need to be tied with the right kind of education campaign to help people understand how to protect themselves and their data.