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That's the stupidest thing. Other than claims of censorship, why else do you believe most leftists are fascists, especially when it is clear to see that most right people support things like the abolishing of abortion under any circumstance, a violation of women's rights, and can be considered authoritarian because of it?


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I don't suggest that the corn industry, or any other industry already discussed in different threads that has significant concequences to its subsidizing, die, just that we really don't have to spend this much on food security in order to still have a huge advantage in that regard over the rest of the world.


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The fact that the USA has been subsidizing sugar and corn since nearly the inception of the country is nutty. I am certain it stimulated growth back then, but we really don't need it now, especially when considering there are better things on which to spend that money. Hell, good luck finding any prepared foodstuff that doesn't have an unreasonable amount of added sugars and/or syrups.