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The reason those firms adopted such stances is because of cooption and recuperation. Such recuperative action is good for business and bad for subversive politics. It's the same false shrouding in rainbow you see by big business as well. It's all recuperative.

>In the sociological sense, recuperation is the process by which politically radical ideas and images are twisted, co-opted, absorbed, defused, incorporated, annexed or commodified within media culture and bourgeois society, and thus become interpreted through a neutralized, innocuous or more socially conventional perspective. More broadly, it may refer to the cultural appropriation of any subversive symbols or ideas by mainstream culture.


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Read Black Skin, White Masks for a unique blend of existentialism stemming from Sartre as well as a depiction of the particular experience of blackness as colonized subject. He actually talks about the overlap of existential freedom and breaking free of forms of white guilt for the white person as well as feelings of black interiority for the black person.

There are unifying things about existential experience, but also definitive experiences of racial oppression, historically or otherwise.

I think there are a lot of nuanced takes from vantage points other than the main European existentialists and absurdist(s).