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Possibly, but recursive acronyms were already a popular joke in the hacker space when GNU came out in 1984, while Going Postal wasn't published until 2004.

I think it might actually be the reverse: Terry Pratchett might have been paying homage to Richard Stallman. Pratchett was a computer geek, and the book is about automated communication, like a computer network, so it's not beyond the realm of possibilities.

The GNU in the book are disruptors who fight against the big corporation that runs the semaphore, just like the real-life GNU was a disruptor that went up against the big corporations that sold UNIX. And in the end they won. If you have an Android phone, it runs GNU/Linux. 😀


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Every web server I administer adds an X-Clacks-Overhead HTTP header to every response with a value of GNU Terry Pratchett (as well as the name of my own father who died way too young at 55).


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> Who is even benefiting from this at this point?

The auto and aviation industries. Musk has admitted that basically the only reason for Hyperloop was to sabotage high speed rail in California. I imagine this consortium has similar aims. Deflect investment from where it would actually be effective at getting people out of the car or airplane.