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So apparently mice share a more recent common ancestor to humans than pigs but the generation times between mice and pigs are so different, surely mice have evolved more simply because it may have had 1 billion generations where as a pig may have only had 100 million? How does it take that into account surely it would suggest one had a less recent ancestor but in reality it just evolved more?


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This is an interesting graph and highlights the complex relationship between training and police shootings. It would be great to see the same graph split with other variables, such as the overall crime rate and the number of officers. I notice that in your references, violent crime includes four specific crimes: aggravated assault, robbery, homicide, whether intentional or accidental and rape. While crimes such as rape are undoubtedly violent, I can't see any connection to police shootings like robbery or homicide and the inclusion of this might hide correlations. For instance of Alaska's violent crime rate of 837, 147 of these are rapes (sadly it has the highest rate in the country).